In industrial kitchens, as well as in restaurants, canteens and bars, where catering is daily carried out, it is necessary to ensure a continuous environmental and surface sanitation in order to avoid any microbial contamination. 
In specific terms, it is necessary to ensure appropriate hygiene and cleaning of kitchen range hoods, fridges, cold stores and worktops where the risk of microbial contamination is high.

RefineAir eliminates the bacterial load and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the environment and surfaces and it guarantees a high level of food security. Furthermore RefineAir eliminates most pollutants emitted while cooking and consequently the unpleasant smells originating from them.

Its 24-hour-long duration of action on air and surfaces helps to reduce the regular expensive maintenance operations.

RefineAir is a sanitization method safe for human health and the environment. It is a viable alternative to traditional sanitization methods using chemical disinfectants, indeed it uses certified constituents such as Class 1 medical devices compliant with EU Directives 93/92 EEC.