It is well known that wellness centres, indoor pools, gyms, locker rooms, etc., are very damp environments, and if improperly designed, the water vapour produced in such places, together with poor ventilation, causes mildew formation. The mildew settling on walls, in addition to being unaesthetic, causes significant damages to the building and diseases such as allergies, asthma, infections, etc.; that’s why regular maintenance operations are needed.
The installation of  RefineAir in these places or directly inside vents prevents the formation and proliferation of bacteria and mildews, thus making the environment healthier and more comfortable, besides its continuous action helps to reduce the regular intervention (and its costs) for sanitization, environment reclamation  and clearance of the aeraulic fairway.

RefineAir is a sanitization method safe for human health and the environment, indeed it uses certified constituents such as Class 1 medical devices compliant with EU Directives 93/92 EEC.