In food industry, during the different food processes, it is essential to maintain optimal sanitary conditions in order to prevent any possible microbial contamination.
Moreover, as provided for by existing legislation (Article 3 of Legislative Decree No 155, 26th May 1997), it is necessary to ensure a continuous environmental and surface sanitation during the different stages of processing ranging from primary production to direct sale to the consumer; this includes the preventive cleaning of  storage bins and means of transport where the risk of microbial contamination and multiplication is high.
An improper sanification of environments and surfaces where food is processed, added to its improper conservation, may cause bacteria and organoleptic changes to grow in the same food.
RefineAir eliminates the bacterial load and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and contributes to  greater food storability, by ensuring a greater freshness and preserving its intrinsic qualities while guaranteeing a high level of food security.
RefineAir is a sanitization method safe for human health and the environment, indeed it uses certified constituents such as Class 1 medical devices compliant with EU Directives 93/92 EEC. It is a viable alternative to traditional sanitization methods using ozone and chlorine based chemical disinfectants.