Halls and dust-mite free rooms

Hotels rooms with carpet, heavy curtains and not-dust-mite free bed linen can worsen allergy symptoms in many guests and this may result, for hotel managers, in bad publicity and, subsequently, in economic losses.
By installing RefineAir, hotels are enabled to continually sanitize any environment, eliminating in this way dust mites, allergenes, bacteria, mildews and odours, and also to prevent them from depositing on surfaces and fabrics.
RefineAir improves the air quality making the environment sanitized, healthier and more comfortable for those who live in it; besides, its continuous action helps to reduce the regular intervention (and its costs) for sanitization, environment reclamation  and clearance of the aeraulic fairway as provided for by current regulations.
RefineAir is a sanitization method safe for human health and the environment, indeed it uses certified constituents such as Class 1 medical devices compliant with EU Directives 93/92 EEC.