In means of transport and distribution cells intended for food transport the risk of microbial multiplication and contamination is very high; that’s why food transport is one of the most critical phases within the health and hygiene conditions of food.
As provided for by the Regulation (EC) No. 852/04, annex II, chapter IV, conveyances and/or containers used for transporting foodstuffs are to be kept clean and maintained in good repair and condition in order to protect food from sources of contamination and have to be, if necessary, designed and built so as to allow  adequate cleaning and disinfection.
When installed inside means of transport and distribution cells intended for food transport, RefineAir guarantees an effective sanitation with the purpose of minimising the risks of microbial multiplication and contamination.
RefineAir’s action seeks to ensure a micobiologically safe product and which is also capable of preserving its organoleptic qualities throughout its way before getting on our tables.
RefineAir is a sanitization method safe for human health and the environment, indeed it uses certified constituents such as Class 1 medical devices compliant with EU Directives 93/92 EEC. It is a viable alternative to traditional sanitization methods using ozone and chlorine based chemical disinfectants.