We are manufacturers of photo-catalytic air sanitation systems for both commercial and industrial use.

Our production site in Salerno and twenty years of experience in the industrial and civil air conditioning sector allow us to be a leader in the air quality control sector, a very sensitive aspect in all commercial, industrial and domestic contexts.

The team made up of engineers and specialized personnel is constantly engaged in research and development of effective solutions and products to solve all problems related to air quality. Our RefinAir products are already used in many successful projects.


The basic approach is the direct relationship with customers to listen to the needs to work on, providing innovative and effective solutions with the use of our products.


The daily commitment is to provide the best product at the most competitive price without sacrificing product quality. All the components of our products are subject to quality control and certifications that meet European and international standards

Production assistance

Production assistance is part of the services provided by RefineAir, guaranteeing competence and speed so as to give the correct support in evaluating the solutions and products to be adopted

 After-sales assistance

Our specialized team is able to provide full technical support quickly, with the supply of spare parts and components. The repair and maintenance service takes place directly or through our dealers in Italy and abroad.

Our Sales Department, based in Salerno, offers full support to customers to improve and increase the turnover.